Hey Princess - Single

by Ghost Ghost

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Hey Princess was released as a single on February 15, 2013.


released February 15, 2013

Karl Ward: Vox, Guitar, Percussion
Kevin Peckham: Bass
Mark Christensen: Guitar

Copyright © 2012 Ward
Recorded in NJ, VT, TX by Ghost Ghost
Mixed in San Antonio, TX by Kevin Peckham
Mastered at West West Side Music




Ghost Ghost New York, New York

Ghost Ghost is an indie pop trio lead by singer / songwriters Karl Ward and Kevin Peckham with multi-instrumentalist Mark Christensen.

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Track Name: Hey Princess
Hey princess, put on your armor
Hide that hole where you had a heart
You have everything you need, but something is wrong
And you just don’t know where to start
If you must raise your voice in anger
At your love then he’s not for you
And if you have to shout to be heard
No that’s not what love’s about
You know that’s not what love’s about

So after all your prince turned out to be a fool
And your kingdom doesn’t feel so limitless to you
When you run away to find someone new
Run to me and I’ll run to you

Bring your horses, your catapults too
Bring your armies of men sworn to follow you
When those knights fail you and your days darken too
You can run to me and I’ll run to you
I said you can run to me and I’ll run to you

“Once upon a time” is wherever you are
And “happy ever after” is here in your arms
“Long ago and far away” is over and through
Run to me and I’ll run to you